Our Team

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival team is an energetic, innovative group of individuals working on the cutting edge of the festival and events industry.

Pat Anderson, Chairperson

Pat exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and has been honoured with prestigious awards; the M.B.O.T. Sam Mc Callion Award, government of Ontario’s Leading Women, Building Communities Award, A Civic Award of Merit, Ontario’s Good Citizen Metal (O.M.C.), Queens Diamond Jubilee Metal. Pat is an accomplished business owner; she works with a volunteer Board of Directors. They work year round and on-site over the weekend with over 350 volunteers from non-profit agencies and service clubs to ensure the festival runs smoothly. The harsh reality that for many struggling families, an afternoon at a festival can be a luxury led Pat to create the Festivals “Sponsor a Child Program”. Since its inception it has subsidized approximately 40,000 plus individuals in need, especially the children who are marginalized.

Trisha Ryan, Consultant

Catherine Deegan, Project Manager

Mary Isaacs, Event Producer

Board of Directors

The festival boasts an impressive Board of Directors, comprised of professionals from all walks of life in our community. They bring a wealth of talent and dedication necessary to ensure the successful operation of an event of this size and scope.

Pat Anderson – Chair
Wayne Anderson – Director of Logistics
Deanna Insley – Director
Evelyn Leslie – Director
Toby Gardiner – Vice Chair/Treasurer
Sheila K. Orr – Director of HR & Governance

City of Mississauga

We work in partnership with the City of Mississauga through our city liaison, Shelley Tsolakis who continuously helps us through opportunities for education and strategic planning. We work closely with the Department of Arts and Culture as stakeholders to support Arts and Culture in Mississauga.