Canoe on the Water

Canoe on the Water


Much of the story of Canada’s fur trade unfolded along the country’s many great waterways. It is a story about fur traders, both European and Indigenous peoples, who paddled their canoes from the trading ports of Montreal, through the lakes and rivers that led north to Hudson Bay and west to the Pacific Ocean. It is the story of Indigenous hunters, of early explorers, of French voyageurs, and coureurs de bois, whose tireless search for furs led to the discovery of new transportation routes, and ultimately to the mapping of the interior lakes and rivers of Canada. The birchbark canoe was the principal means of water transportation for Indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, and later voyageurs, who used it extensively in the fur trade in Canada. … As the fur trade declined in the 19th century, the canoe has become a more recreational mode of transport for naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

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