Moccasin Identifier

Moccasin Identifier


During the 2011 Mississauga’s of the Credit First Nation Annual Historical Gathering, archaeologists were presenting on a dig related to the renowned Anishinaabe historical figure Nahnee-bahwequa. Nahnee-bahwequa (meaning upright woman) was also known as Catherine Sutton.  Elder Carolyn King was asked, “When the archaeological resources are removed, how will we ever know that your people were here?”

Afterwards, Carolyn King thought about their question for three days. It finally became so clear she wondered why it took so long.

The answer was “our footwear!” From there, the Moccasin Identifier was born and began its decade long journey.

The Mission is to educate children on treaties through the Moccasin Identifier educational kit, promote public awareness to Indigenous culture on the landscape through site installations of moccasins and develop a network of knowledge for the benefit of truth and reconciliation.

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